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E-mail received May 29, 2007from Jim Marriner

To the Class of '62,

Sorry I can't make the reunion. I retired in July as a SFC in the Army National Guard and in September as a Federal Technician. My wife, Venette and I are traveling and will be at our home in Cascade, Idaho in June. We spent the winter in AZ. My wife's family has a home and guest home on the Colorado River between Needles, Ca and Laughlin, Nevada. We left the first part of May and went as far east as Tennessee. Heading North to Wisconsin, Minnesota then off to Idaho by the middle of June. We bought a 34' Montana Fifth-Wheel and have made it our temporary home. I spent some time in the last 8 years in Germany and Japan while in the Army National Guard and hope to go back with my wife next Spring. Together we have 4 children and 10 Grandchildren. My three children and 7 Grandchild live in Oroville, CA. My wife's son lives in Paso Robles with the other three Grandchildren. My wife is from San Luis Obispo, we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in Hawaii in November. We spend 2 weeks in November, weather is great and we love the kick back attitude of the Islands. Would love to here from anyone, Shootersonly@aol.com.

Jim and Venette Marriner